Laid Back Poke' Shack

So what is poke'?

POKE | pōh-keh |
Hawaiian verb for
"to cut or slice"

Poke' has been a favorite among the Pacific Islands for decades and only recently has the rest of the world caught on. We've been doing it right since 2014 and although that doesn't make us quite the first here stateside however were definitely one of the best!

What makes us different?

Most Poke' joints here stateside like to completely build your bowl from scratch from raw naked fish to the finished bowl and that sounds great right.... but well its not so much. The entire idea behind Poke' is after you cut the fish down you then marinade it for xx:xx amount of time before serving and that infuses the fish with flavor. We have stayed as traditional as possible in how we prepare our proteins, marinades and marrying those things for the best possible product.


Winner, City Weekly: Best Poke', 2017
Winner, City Weekly: Best Poke', 2015